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How Competence will help you with learners' Progress Measurement 

Competence monitors and helps improve learners' progress by quick, practical and effective Progress Measurement.
Here's how.

Senior Management Team

See learner progress against criteria and targets immediately

Increase confidence in outcomes from high-level progress summaries

Compare progress measurement consistently across all courses

Show which learners & tutors are under/over-performing

Assess progress in as much or little detail as each course demands


Painlessly input assessment scores, comments & evidence for learners

Spot easily when learners need interventions in specific areas

Retain control of when and at what level you choose to assess progress

Use the tablet or mobile app for ultimate speed and simplicity

Standardised approach for progress measurement across all courses

Employers with Apprentices

View apprentice progress on your mobile/tablet/desktop immediately

Gain confidence by viewing videos of apprentice work-based exercises

Benefit from greater involvement in apprentice progress measurement

Immediate and easy Smartphone access to apprentices' progress

Judge more easily apprentice readiness for End-Point-Assessment

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Features of Competence

This outlines a little more detail about the Progress Measurement features for Learners in Education

Apprenticeship Standards

Measures learner's progress against course assessment criteria for Apprenticeship Standards & Frameworks

 Study Programmes & Traineeships

Measures learner's progress against course assessment criteria for Study Programmes & Traineeships

Complements Existing LMS Systems 

Provides thought-leading Progress Measurement facilities to add to & integrate with existing LMS systems

Flexible Assessment Criteria

Allows fully flexible assessment criteria such as Knowledge, Skills & Behaviours at multiple levels of detail

Flexible Scoring Methods

Allows flexibility for progress measurement scoring including 1-4, 1-10, 1-100, RAG rating and many others.

Baseline Assessment and Targets 

Baseline assessment sets start-point score for each assessment criteria for a learner and targets forward progress

Employer and Self-Assessment

Self-assessment and employer assessment complements assessment by lecturer, progress coach or assessor

Targets, Goals, Evidence of Progress

Comprehensive 6/12 week review of learner progress against all assessment criteria and submitted evidence 

Comprehensive Charting of Progress

Compelling visual presentation of progress against criteria including spider-charts, graphs and dashboards

 Practicality and Speed of Entry

Immediate entry via mobile and tablet of progress measurement scoring and dictated comments

Regular Progress Measurement

Progress Measurement assessment usually done every 6/12 weeks to chart progress and form review

Evidence and Comments

Spoken comments-to-text, plus video evidence, audio and other evidence complements assessment scores

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